"Creating a graphic body of work that blends alchemy, magic, politics, sex, trauma and childhood through a lens flavored by broadcast public programming, dial-up internet, surrealism, brutal violence, the evils of man, and cartoons. Interested in dualities, contradictions, mysticism, highs and lows, using shapes, archetypes, symbolism to express the inner shaped by the outer and outer shaped by the inner.
Trying to find the fun in an insane world.
Handling contemporary anxieties of a world more interconnected than ever, struggling to eek out a meaning in these broken systems.


Growing up in isolated Okinawa - Home to the Ryukyuan People who were colonized first by the Japanese and then subjugated to American military presence during and after WW2 where the modern clashes and meets the historical, then the emerald waters and white sands of the Gulf Coast of Florida, eventually winding up in the lush green mountainous New England, a life shaped by these locales has resulted in personal blend of island tinged Americana.

At times frenetic, at others melancholic, often bright and full of wonder. A multi-disciplinary artist with a focus on Illustration currently based out of Winooski, Vermont."

-Stay Wild